“7 Questions” with Nick Lowery

In case you missed it, yesterday was the 18th anniversary (yes, I like bizarre dates) of a big win in Chiefs’ history. On September 20, 1993, on Monday Night Football, the Chiefs defeated the Denver Broncos, 15-7. All 15 points for the Chiefs were scored by one man, Hall of Fame kicker Nick Lowery. During that game, Lowery hit three field goals of better than 40 yards, including a 52-yarder in the second quarter.

So, that made me think now might be a good time to post this “7 Questions” segment that Dave Stewart and I did for SportsRadioKC.com a couple days before Lowery was inducted into the Chiefs Hall of Fame in 2009.

 Behind the Stats: My hero growing up was…

 Nick Lowery: Well, it was also Mickey Mantle, but I need to say Sandy Koufax. He was a player known for what he did on the field, but then he sat out a game of the World Series because of Yom Kippur, and then he walked away from the game in his prime. It’s hard to give it up. He had such class. I was a pitcher in college, too, so I had a great admiration for what he was able to do.

BtS: If not for football, I would have been a/an…

NL: I had a job in the Senate Commerce Committee when I signed with the Chiefs, so I probably would’ve continued there and who knows where that would’ve led.

BtS: My greatest day in football was…

NL: Certainly my first few field goals in the NFL with the Chiefs. My last game in Arrowhead against Pittsburgh, and hitting the game-winning field goal as I turned around and saw nearly 80,000 people in red going nuts — that was pretty cool. But, most importantly, it was being part of a winning organization.

BtS: My favorite vacation spot is…

NL: Hotel San Pietro off theAmalfiCoast inPositano,Italy. It is the most romantic spot in the world. Of course,Hawaii isn’t too bad, either.

BtS: My favorite music or musician is…

NL: We’re talking about some old stuff here, but I’ll say the Beatles. I read a book talking about their 10,000 perfect hours. It brought it back home for me just how special the Beatles were. And speaking of history, I think the kids today can learn a lot by listening to how amazingly complex and diverse the Beatles were — their harmonies, their production values, how they played together. 

BtS: My favorite food is…

NL: The first thing that comes to mind is my favorite restaurant, which is the Plaza III here. It’s awesome. But my favorite food is something I fix when I’m going to spoil friends. It’s a swordfish with Cajun seasoning. Swordfish, when it’s fresh and done right with a little Cajun edge to it, is fantastic.

BtS: You’ve met some incredible people during your lifetime, so this may or may not be difficult, but the one person in history I’d love to meet is…

NL: Jesus Christ, for sure. I want to see the real person, divorced from all of the stuff we’ve heard. To me, he’s somebody who embodied love beyond all of the rules and regulations that we’re told are important in the Christian faith is ultimately the grace and love that he affected everyone with. After Jesus Christ I’d say Winston Churchill because, to me, he is one of the greatest, most inspiring people in the way he used the English language. If he hadn’t been the leader inEngland at the end of World War II, we might very well be speaking German today.

By the way, I’m relatively new to this blogging thing. I’ll try to post what are, basically, columns, feature articles, reprints of previously published material (mine, of course), and so on. It might take some time, but just hang with me. Remember, you can find out more at my website, MattFulks.com.


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